Cost Analysis of Solar Thermal collectors

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Cost Analysis of Solar Thermal Collectors

Specific system costs for SHIP plants (Solar heat in industrial processes) vary over a wide range. The charts below show the specific system costs for existing SHIP plants all over the world documented in the SHIP Database. The data fully depend on the data provided by the various companies.

1.Flate plate Collectors:

Most SHIP plants use flate plate collectors. The expected fall of specific system price for larger systems cannot fully be confirmed, but a slow trend downwards can be seen.


Figure 1: Specific cost analysis of flat plate collectors

2.Evacuated Tube Collectors

Evacuated tube collectors are a common alternative to the flate plate technology due the better efficiency at higher temperatures. The chart shows a clear drop of specific system prices when it comes to bigger realisations such as Saigon Tantec, Shandong Linuo Paradigma and Steinbach und Vollmann.


Figure 2: Specific cost analysis of Evacuated tube collectors

3. Air Collectors

Air collectors are used in SHIP applications mainly for drying purposes and room conditioning. The system price is between 400 and 500 €/m². Two applications with bigger gross area have lower specific costs, however this cannot be validated with additional data and must thus be treated with care.


Figure 3: Specific cost analysis of Air collectors

4.Parabolic Trough Collector



Figure 4: Specific cost analysis of Parabolic Trough collector

Source: SHIP database

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