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General information

The objective of peeling is to remove the skin/peel from raw fruit and vegetables. This improves the appearance and taste of the final product. During peeling, the losses need to be minimized by removing as little of the underlying food as possible but still achieving a clean peeled surface.

(European Commission 2006)

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Description of technology, techniques and methods


The technology enables fast heating and low penetration, heating only a shallow layer while leaving intact the edible inner part with minimum change in texture. IR dry peeling produce high quality peeling products without using water or chemicals. There are also lower peeling loss, thinner peel thickness while achieving the same degree of peelability and ease of peeling. Rapid and uniform surface heating is critical. Consideration of the size and shape of the product are required. Better color and texture in the product can be achieved.

(Pan, Atugulo & Li 2014)

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Pulse Electric Field (PEF)

PEF has a softening effect that reduce the energy needed for cutting, avoiding pre heating processes.

(Toepfl, Siemer, Heinz 2014)

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Changes in the process

Energy saving potentials

Energy Saving is highly possible as this technologies make possible a tailored energy application, more controllable and with less waste.

Changes in the energy distribution system

Basically the use electric energy instead of direct thermic energy, therefore higher demand of electricity and the possibility to use thermal energy of lower quality. This brings more opportunities for the implementation of renewable energy.


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