Subsection DC automotive

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Subsection DC bodywork¹ Subsection DC leather Subsection DJ metal surface treatment¹ Subsection DC printed circuit boards¹ Subsection DB textiles Subsection DC tyre production²
Solar integration guidelines x x x x x x

¹ For all processes related to metal you will be passed to Subsection DC metals. Information for bodywork is available in the unit operation "Lacquering" and in the general info for the category "steel cast products". Data about the metal surface treatment enhanced in the Solar Automotive project refers to the unit operations "Degreasing", "Pickling","Drying", "Conversion coating" as well as different kinds of alloys. For printed circuit boards the last column of the matrix provides relevant information.

² The main component of tyres are polyisoprenes and carbon black. Therefore you will be passed to Subsection DG chemicals, where you find the category "carbon black" and for polyisoprenes the category "solution polymerized rubber containing butadiene".