Eberhard (Austria)

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1. Solar integration

No solar plant has been built yet. The first step was to find possibilities for heat-recovery and energy efficiency.

2. Industry Sector

(Surface) treatment of metals

3. Industrial application

Solar application: water heating for the black-finishing baths and maybe for heating the production halls

4. Process description
  • Process flowsheet:

Process flowsheet-Eberhard (Austria).jpg

  • Processes:

Black finishing:

Black finishing.jpg

5. Energy flows and temperature ranges
  • Main heat supply system and fuel:
Main fuels: oil & electrical energy
Total electrical energy consumption: 80.000 – 100.000 kWh/a Electrical power: 250 – 270 kW
Total oil consumption: 103 litres/day 2006: 38.205 litres, heating value: 10 kWh/l  fuel heat capacity: 382.050 kWh
Thermal energy demand for black-finishing bath: 10.500 – 21.000 kWh (not exactly known)
Connection power for oil-heating: 140.000 kWh Heating demand that could be covered by heat-recovery: 420.000 kWh

  • Energy consumption (Sankey):

Energy consumption-Eberhard (Austria).jpg

  • Temperature ranges and other parameters:

Temperature ranges and other parameters-Eberhard (Austria).jpg

6. Solar Thermal Plant
  • Used scheme: No information available.


The solar energy is used for direct after-heating of the black-finishing baths, because water-baths at low- and middle-temperature levels are ideal for integrating solar process heat. To integrate such a system, the plant engineering would have to be changed.

  • Performance of the planned solar plant:

A solar plant for providing the required 21.000 kWh with 30% solar ratio has to have an area of 20 m² and will produce 7000 kWh/a. These numbers are not calculated, but are only experience-data.

  • Pictures of the built solar system:

No information available.

7. Energy savings
  • Pinch analysis results:

No information is available.

  • Energy savings:

No information is available.

8. Economic evaluation
  • Economic parameters of the built solar system:

Investing costs: ~ 10.000 € Promotion: 30%


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