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This part of the „Wiki Web“ has been developed within the IEE project GREENFOODS under the coordination of AEE INTEC.

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Project consortium

The overall objective of the GREENFOODS project is to lead the European food and beverage industry to high energy efficiency and reduction of fossil carbon emissions in order to ensure and foster the world wide competitiveness, improve the security of energy supply and guarantee the sustainable production in Europe.

The existing efficiency finder is organized as a matrix containing a lot of information for the industry sector and its subsector food, product lines, unit operations and combinations of them in different levels of detail. During the Project the subsector food has been enhanced by adding case studies, branch concepts and information to energy efficient technologies.

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The expertise of 14 partners from Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Austria resulted in the regional matrix, which consists of

  • GREENFOODS Branch concept
  • Training
  • Special funding schemes
  • virtual energy competence centres
  • energy audits

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This set of tools has been collected during the project to assist auditors, planners, operators and decision makers in self-assessment, benchmarking, design, calculation, optimisation and simulation

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You want to participate?

This WikiWeb is a living document and we would appreciate your contribution, if you have knowledge or are one of the above experts. You are therefore very welcome to add information to our WikiWeb.

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